• Assembled yurts

    Assembled yurts Yurts should be kept as dry as possible. If you are keeping your yurt standing all th...

    2016-03-17 14:55:11
  • Mongolians Placement of furnitu

    Placement of furniture Mongolians always place the yurt so that the door is facing south. Beds are pl...

    2016-03-17 14:53:32
  • Traditional yurt furniture

    Traditional yurt furniture Traditional yurt furniture is carved and/or painted on the outer front sur...

    2016-03-17 14:52:54
  • Yurt furniture

    You can furnish your yurt with modern or more traditional furniture. In fact, many Mongolian families...

    2016-03-17 14:51:59
  • Ger on the historical developme

    Ger on the historical development in the vast, the Mongolia plateau, dotted with thousands of tents, ...

    2016-03-17 14:46:40
  • Ger historical development

    Ger is call of Mongolian nomads housing. Package is the home, the meaning of house. Mongolian nationa...

    2016-03-17 14:43:53
  • Ger introduced

    The word yurt is originally from a Turkic word referring to the imprint left in the ground by a moved...

    2016-03-17 14:41:55
  • What are yurts (gers) used for?

    What are yurts (gers) used for? If you have been to Mongolia, you will surely already have an idea of...

    2016-03-17 14:37:59
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