Ger historical development

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Ger is call of Mongolian nomads housing. "Package" is the "home", the meaning of "house". Mongolian national traditional housing, etc. Called QiongLu, say again felt tent, tent, felt bags, etc. Mongolian said, son, manchu to ger or Mongolia. The nomadic nationalities in order to adapt to life, and create the dwelling is easy to tear open outfit, easy nomad. Since the huns era have been, has been used to ger
Today. Ger assumes the circular, round side is divided into several blocks, each of 130 ~ 160 cm tall, 230 cm long, with a wood woven mesh, a few connections, round into round, cover umbrella dome, connected to the wall. Bed and covered the walls or surrounded by felt, with a rope.
Southwest to the walls of a wooden frame, used to install the door plank, account for a circular skylight, so as to lighting, ventilation, smoke emissions, or rain or snow covered with blanket at night. Ger the smallest for more than 300 cm in diameter, large capacity of hundreds of people. The Mongol khanate age khan and the Kings room can hold 2000 people. Ger stationary and moving type two kinds. Farming and pastoral areas to build more fixed, build by laying bricks or stones around the soil wall, using WeiCao build; The winding type swims pastoral areas.
Winding type is divided into removable and sealed two kinds, the former to livestock's Labour, the latter with the bullock carts or carriage roping. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the Mongolian settlers increased, only in the pastoral areas still retain yurts, swim or referred to in the Mongolian ", ". Since there are Mongolian, people started to use ger. It has been a long time. But what exactly is when to start using, no one knows the exact time. Mongolian yurt as part of their daily residences. Most of Mongolian nomadic tribes, at the age of their goats, sheep, yaks, horses and camels to find new pastures. Ger can dot outfit, by several bactrian camels bearing, to the next stop, put up tents again. Ger was built with the stroke of herders.


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