Ger on the historical development in the vast

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Ger on the historical development in the vast, the Mongolia plateau, dotted with thousands of tents, white they are ger. Ger is one of the Mongolian herdsmen house. To build and move is very convenient, suitable for animal husbandry production and nomadic life. Ordinary ger, top 10 to 15 feet high, about 50 feet high walls, infiltrate right toward the south or southeast. Package structure of the big four are: wall bracket, sunroof, rafters, and door. Stents are usually divided into four, six, eight, ten. Ger, 12 stents are rare, area of more than 600 square meters, far look like a castle. Ger and cylindrical with a conical convertible top. There are big and small, big, can accommodate more than 600 people; Those who can hold 20 people. Ger is mainly composed of wood, Shan rope, felt belt of three most. Make not cement, adobe, brick and tile, raw material of wood wool. Ger construction is simple, general is set up in aquatic plants suitable places, according to the size of the ger first draw a circle, you can then start according to the size of the circle. Ger set, after people in bags. Covered with a thick carpet, hang picture frame and posters around the flowers. Now some furniture appliances also entered the ger, life is very happy joy. Ger the biggest advantage is easy tear open outfit, easy to move. Erect when will stand away becomes rounded walls, remove will stand when folded volume shrinks back, when cattle panels. A ger need only 20 hours can build up. Ger looks appearance is small, but bag inside usable floor area is large, and indoor air circulation, good lighting conditions, warm in winter and cool in summer, is not afraid of wind and rain. Ger the feature of great skilful use of the circular area, is a spectacle in the history of architecture, a great contribution to nomadic.


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