Traditional yurt furniture

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Traditional yurt furniture
Traditional yurt furniture is carved and/or painted on the outer front surfaces. Generally speaking, customers who have chosen a yurt with carved features opt for carved furniture, while those who have selected a yurt painted with traditional patters also choose furniture with decorative painting.
The size of the furniture offered is in proportion to the size of the yurt. Standard furniture fits well in yurts with six or eight wall segments. Yurts with four wall segments that are suitable for events and festivals and other uses may not require traditional furniture. 
Yurts with ten wall segments or more are often used for business activities for which traditional furniture is not likely to be appropriate. For those wishing to add a Mongolian touch to the interior of their yurt, whether or not it features traditional furniture, we offer traditional Mongolian paintings, leatherwork, arches and other items. 


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