Mongolians Placement of furniture

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Placement of furniture
Mongolians always place the yurt so that the door is facing south. Beds are placed against the outer wall on both sides of the average yurt and any chests are placed in the northernmost position, opposite the door. Tables and stools are placed between the chest and the central pillar. A cupboard is often located next to the bed on the east side closer to the door. If you have a saddle, whether it is for use or merely display, you will likely place it next to the bed on the west side. If you have a set of king and queen chairs, they should be placed at the northern point of the yurt and any chests moved towards the beds. These seats should be offered to guests as the place of honor. A wood-burning stove sits near the central pillar and between the pillar and the door in the vast majority of yurts.


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