Wooden ger

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We produce ger The main specifications have a diameter of 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters,30 meters. The specific of the specifications of the other can also accept customized. If you because of the limitation of space can also consult our customized square ger.
Wind resistance: The highlands and open plains of Mongolia are quite windy. On the open steppes and in desert regions, the wind can be strong enough to knock over any other type of portable dwelling. The circular shape of the yurt and the secure manner in which the outer covering is attached deflect these winds and do not affect the yurt’s stability, regardless of the direction from which the wind originates.
Carved yurt: The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are carved with traditional decorative patterns. This carving involves painstaking work, a high level of creativity and great skill, making carved yurts more expensive than decorative ones and relatively rare even in Mongolia. Our carved yurts are the work of the most skilled of Mongolian carpenters working in an ancient tradition. Carved yurts can be provided in sizes of four, five, six, eight, and ten wall segments.
Thank you very much for choosing us. We must ask you to decide on the type, size and the design of the outer canvas cover of your yurt home. You may also wish to have some traditional Mongolian furniture and decorative items to display in your yurt. 


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